Fads and Fancies

I am given to whims.  I am a whimmy thing.  When I embark on some new fancy I do so with great enthusiasm.  With gusto even.  My fad becomes all-consuming.  I study it.  Read up on it.  Live it.  Breath it. Proselytize.  One could even describe me as being a tad enthusiastic about it.  Possibly.

So you can imagine the shudder that went through my husband when I announced my latest passion.  To the Captain, foraging conjured up visions of insipid slimy greens that smelled of compost and tasted worse.  But he was in something of a bind.  You see he owes me.  For some years now I have been dragged along in his wake, as he has cruised the Inland Waterways of England and Wales in a variety of narrowboats.  I have written before on his blog of my status as reluctant boater.  It was never my idea of a good time to spend my holidays trudging through dirty ditch water in a tube of rusty steel but this is what I have done for the past many years.  Just don’t tell him that I quite like it now.

As well as this, he owed me because I am a convalescent.  Having done my best to rearrange my face without anaesthetic in last November’s snow I have been slowly, oh so slowly, recovering.  And somewhere there is a rule that you have to be nice to the invalid and crippled.  Not entirely sure why or who decreed this but I am not above taking advantage of such rulings.  Ha!

I am actually hoping that this foraging business is going to be more of a life event than a passing fancy.  I have long enjoyed the idea that there was plenty of wild food available if one knew how to identify it.  My interest was rekindled by the need to be creative.  I had time to fill and a thank you to make so I set about assembling a hamper of home-made goodies.  One day I may go through all the things I put in it, but for now, it is enough to say that in scrabbling around for inspiration I started rummage through the internet for cheap/free edible ideas for gifts.

Before I knew it, the whole snowball effect of my whimmy ways had got me in its grip.  Combining narrowboating with foraging and then blogging the results strikes me as a marvellous way to pass my time.  So, standby for recipes, photos, and general chatter as I share my findings with you.  Please feel free to join in and add your own tips, recipes and whatnot.  I am but a novice with a passion to learn.


4 thoughts on “Fads and Fancies

  1. Helen, this sounds wonderful! I shall expect a sample of a little homemade something when I see you in August!

    • Louise – ’twill be my pleasure! I have a collection of little pots and bottles that will be just perfect for you and I will have just returned for another watery trip so will be full of new foraging supplies :o)

  2. Hey, I ran into this website from mixx. It’s not blog post I would normally read, but I loved your perspective on it. Thanx for creating an article worth reading!

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