Gone Boating

Wand’ring Bark has left the marina! We are currently moored on the Staffs & Worcs canal just by the Fox & Anchor pub which is pretty much our boating local. Tomorrow we begin our trip to Stratford proper but for now it’s rather nice to be back on board.

I have learnt a valuable lesson today though. Do not put the flour container on the sofa. If you do insist on doing so, use a container with a secure lid because boats rock. They rock due to the floating nature of them. And when they do, the flour will fall down. Bit like the bough breaking in the rock a bye baby nursery rhyme. So, today I learnt why lots of people don’t carry large loose lidded containers of flour aboard with them. Or at least if they do, they don’t leave them on the sofa. Still, I expect the large, dusty, white mark in the flooring (I would say carpet …) will disperse eventually.

Excited about tomorrow. Have made the Captain brush up on his Elderflower identification skills. Wouldn’t want him to mistake it for something else!

Hoping this mobile blogging malarkey works. We shall see.


3 thoughts on “Gone Boating

  1. Just found your blog through Lucky Duck’s blog. I am keen to find food for free as we travel along too. Though hubby is less enthusiastic after I tried to feed him with unidentified ‘brocolli’ looking stuff. Tasted very bitter!
    Hope you’ve managed to find ‘proper’ elderflowers now. Hope to be making some cordial soon.

    • Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by 🙂 Sounds like you had a lucky escape with your ‘broccoli’ – you need a Foraging Guru like my friend Joy! Or a good field guide. Lovely to ‘meet’ you.

  2. As always, absolutely fascinating. Looking forward to hearing what you do with the nettles – Jamie Oliver has a recipe for something with nettles in one of his books – soup I think.

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