Hope Rekindled

I have a friend.  A whole one.  She is brilliant.  She is witty and wise and warm and funny.  She has known me for a very long time.  And yet still she speaks to me.  Hurrah!  She also knows a thing or two.  As well as being a fantastically brilliant midwife who is doing marvellous things for women in the South East, she is also a forager and a keen cook who has recently started blogging about her findings.  Oh, did I mention that she can write too?

Anyway, anyway, anyway.  She has wisely pointed out that I was entirely wrong yesterday.  Those were not Elder trees, so the blossoms were not Elderflowers, so the fact that they are dead matters not!  Again, hurrah!  I am so relieved.  I hereby appoint her my Official Foraging Guru.

A salutary lesson in checking thoroughly before making stuff, I think.  I shall make sure I have a field guide with me at all times in future.  Richard Mabey’s Food for Free is a nice pocket-sized one that can go into my foraging kit.  So, in future: check leaves, check blossom, check trunk, check guide-book, check with Joy.


5 thoughts on “Hope Rekindled

  1. I am VERY pleased to hear that you will be checking everything. You must. There are mimics and it is easy to get it wrong if you aren’t sure!

    It is easy to think that blackberry and blackcurrents grow together but it is only as the table of guests collapse after a mouth full that one realises that the blackcurrents are actually deadly nightshade

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