Suffering for my Art

It’s not like I was dressed in high heels, a mini skirt and a skimpy top. The weather was a little chill so I’d left that particular outfit in the cabin. Instead, I’d donned the much more sensible option of jeans, thick socks, trainers, long sleeved top and fleece jacket. Granted I wasn’t wearing gloves so I accept the damage to my hands. But this:


this is just rude. Rude I tell you! But then it WAS the Wolverhampton 21 I was foraging beside … *sigh*

However, the results of my labours promise to be worth it. I will reveal all later 🙂


4 thoughts on “Suffering for my Art

  1. Ouch indeed, I foresee more discomfort as TCP or iodine is applied.
    Next item of foraging kit some high boots, do you know any pirates (or pantomime costumers).

  2. Oooo Ouch!

    How on earth did that happen, and on the back of your legs too!

    No doubt whatever it was you were looking for was well worth it!

    Hope it is not too sore

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