I do not normally need to pack vast quantities of socks when going away on ‘Wand’ring Bark’. I don’t even take a pair for each day. And, no, I am not just lacking in the hygiene department, I simply prefer to go bare foot. If absolutely necessary I’ll don a pair of sandals, or self-draining shoes as the Captain prefers to call them. However, since embarking on this foraging business, socks and more substantial footwear have become necessary.

But not always. Last night I did a bit of foraging while wearing a rather fetching pair of patent red stilettos and no socks whatsoever. I know. Shocking. But it was only for lavender. So quite harmless really. I used a handful to add to a kilogram of sugar. I’m planning to experiment with some lavender recipes later so having lavender sugar seemed like a good starting point. And what could be finer than lavender from Stratford?

However, as much as it pleases me to be able to tell you about my red shoes, they really are not as practical as socks and trainers/walking boots. So tonight’s top foraging tip is: always pack more socks than you think you’ll need.

I thought of that as I hand washed a few pairs at the top of the Wilmcote Locks. See? Always thinking of you, I am.


3 thoughts on “Socks

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  2. I knit socks on antique sock machines. Once I read, in the old days somewhere in the US. In cattle country, wool was dear. They would have only three socks. Yes three. Two on the feet and one hanging on the clothes line. They changed the sock they had on for 2 days and washed it for the next day. Frugal idea that kind of makes sence.

    Then I found a seller on Etsy that was selling “Thee foot socks” Maybe I should start knitting three packs for boaters? 🙂

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