Since tucking Wand’ring Bark back up into the marina after our Stratford trip, I have been silly busy.  It is a consequence of feeling so much better and must therefore be regarded as a good thing.  However, I guess I am only really firing on three and half cylinders.

As well as routine things domestic, I have had to deal with the results of all my foraging from the trip.  I have been having a lovely time doing things with flowers.  The return run through the Wolverhampton 21 was a productive as it had been on the outward journey.  I collected vast numbers of Japanese Rose (Rosa Rugosa – thank you, Roger, I’m not good with proper names!) petals and Elderflowers.  Once home I put them all into soak in various solutions so that I could deal with them the next day.

I used them to make Rose Petal sugar, Rose Petal Syrup, Rose Petal Water, Elderflower Jam and an old family recipe for Elderflower Squash.  Remember the Lavender Sugar I made while in Stratford?  It’s delicious sprinkled on top of Victoria Sponge cake:

and I am feeling slightly bad that I did not stretch my busy-ness to bake a Lavender Sponge for the Captain this weekend.  He is taking part in the Birmingham Canal Navigation Marathon Challenge and is all locks and racing.  I would have thought that the words narrowboat race were something of an oxymoron but it seems not.  I have left him to it.  I am a bad wife.

I also used the sugar it to make Lavender Syrup which is fabulous drizzled over strawberries.  Sue from Indigo Dreams, who is also taking part in the BCN Challenge, suggested using the Wild Flower Syrup as an ice cream flavouring and I bet this would be good too.  Perhaps even better as a sorbet?

Lavender Syrup

500g lavender sugar

275ml boiling water

Place sugar in pan.  Stir in boiling water and heat gently, stirring all the time until the sugar has dissolved.  Strain into a clean jug then pour into sterilised bottles, seal and store in cool, dark cupboard.  Should keep for up to a year.  Once opened, store in fridge.


7 thoughts on “Busy-ness

  1. You are obviously not a bad wife, rather than indulge your own pleasures winding up hundreds of old stiff paddles and heaving on scores of out of balance beams you have selflessly stayed at home baking and testing cakes.

    By the way where did you forage the strawberries?

    P.S. You do me too much credit, R. Rugosa isn’t so much the proper name more the only name i’ve heard it called.

    • Oh yes! That’s MUCH better! I am selfless. So selfless I have made sure that ALL the cake has gone 🙂 The strawberries? I foraged them from Tescos but shh, don’t tell, and I might get away with it …

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