BCN Challenge and SPONGE!

The Captain has finally finished his series of posts on the BCN Challenge.  He does not like to post in real-time.  He is a tad tardy in that respect.  But I cannot really complain.  Not about that at any rate.

What I can complain about is his very VERY brief reference to the ‘sponge’ I so lovingly prepared for him and his crew.  You may recall my post about the shortbread.  That was pleasingly well received by all who had some.  Even the Mayor.

See?  You may need to look closely.  But he looks happy, right?

But my husband, oh my husband, while he liked my shortbread, my ‘sponge’ was dismissed without even the briefest of descriptions.  Hmmphh!

Yesterday he calls me Letitia Cropley.  Today, he dismisses my Rose Petal Victoria Sponge with rose flavoured cream and rose petal jam filling as just sponge.  SPONGE!  I mean, really?

He had better take care how he crosses me in future.  All this foraging is bringing with it knowledge.  It is not just lovely yummy edibles I can find along the towpath, you know …


7 thoughts on “BCN Challenge and SPONGE!

  1. How could he?! It looks absolutely delicious! There’s not many women left in the world able, never mind willing, to make such amazing culinary feats. Tell him from me he’d best buck up his ideas!!


  2. If you ever decide to mutiny and become in the need of a cabin ‘boy’ who absolutely adores home baking please bear me in mind… sorry Capt but if you aren’t going to give credit where credit is obviously due… LOL

  3. And I thought the captain looked like such an intelligent man…..:-)

    Our crew wisely waxed lyrical about the marathon food on Indigo Dream (they thought we should be sponsored per calorie consumed!) in the reasonable expectation that:

    a) the same will be provided on future trips
    b) it is unwise to cross a pharmacist, as it is unwise to cross a forager!

    At least the mayor appreciated you properly!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

    • Ah Sue, you’d think he’d learn, wouldn’t you? Actually, in reality, he did very much appreciate the cake – it was just in writing he dismissed it. And I hear that congratulations are in order? 3rd place no less! Very well done. Clearly you were fueled by your fabulous food. The Captain should take note 😉

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