July Foraging Potential?

All this frantic preserve making for my daughter’s school Open Day has made me forget that very soon the Captain and I will be venturing forth once more aboard our fair vessel for a week of watery adventures.  I have no idea where we will be going.  I suspect canals will feature.  In fairness, he has told me.  Many times.  I am bad at retaining such information.

Anyway, I need to get my foraging act together.  I have not yet got my books out or done any research but can anyone tell me what I am likely to find?  What I should be looking out for?  I have said before that I am a novice and a townie to boot, so I am only just beginning to develop a fledgling awareness of the seasons.  I do, however, know that I will not be finding blackberries.  Or sloes.  But what can I expect?  I am hopeful of chickweed this time which means I will be able to unleash my Chickweed Pakoras on the Captain.

In anticipation of lots of helpful suggestions, I am going to thank you in advance with a top tip from Amy of nbLuckyDuck.  She suggests adding a slug of Elderflower Cordial to your Gin and Tonic and I must say, it’s fabulous – all English-summery-deliciousness.  Do try it.


3 thoughts on “July Foraging Potential?

  1. wild strawberries, wild cherries, wild horseradish… that’s all I’m finding at the moment but like you I haven’t had time to study the books to see what else is available x

    • I have horseradish in my garden, Joy, but how do I know when the root is ready? I should know this stuff … Quite keen to make my own horseraddish cream but am so not a gardener … *sigh*

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