Venturing forth once more

Tomorrow the Captain and I set sail once again.  Does one actually set sail on a narrowboat?  I suspect not.   No matter.  I like this muddling of jargon.  Helps me to retain my identity as No Nothing Narrowboat Numpty.  It is a persona that is shedding almost imperceptibly and certainly without either my knowledge or consent.  However, it is not possible to live in the same household as Captain Ahab and not soak up some of his knowledge.  I suspect osmosis.  Either that or while I am sleeping he trains his thoughts to march across the bed like an invading force of army ants and infiltrate my subconscious through my ears.  My ears are often strangely itchy in the morning so I suspect the latter.

Anyway, anyway, anyway.  Tomorrow we set off on our travels once more.  Having spent the day selling my produce (‘Wand’ring Bark Preserves’ none the less!), we will take our 18 year old, scurry down to Calf Heath and head out into the wide blue yonder of the Staffs & Worcester.

I think we may be heading to Worcester.  We are certainly heading to Droitwich because the Captain is besides himself with excitement at the prospect of being one of the first boats to navigate the newly opened Droitwich Canal.  Wherever it is we are going, I shall be keeping up a running commentary with my dongle fully charged and ready to go.  It doesn’t work on the Captain’s laptop.  Shame.

I am looking forward to some more foraging, though I think July may not be the best month.  I would love to find some Cherry Plums but I suspect so would many people!  I have spotted the enormous hips of the Japanese Rose so am hoping to try my hand at a couple of Rose Hip recipes.  Otherwise, I will just have to see what there is.


4 thoughts on “Venturing forth once more

  1. HI Belle,

    Wow so you’ve been selling your ‘Wand’ring Bark Preserves’ then? 🙂

    So where is the online shop eh? How can I place my order? Do you accept Card, Cash or PayPal??

    Can’t wait to get my hands on your specials… 😉


  2. well, look out for little wild strawberries. There are plenty of leaves around for salad… but I would say it’s too early for rosehips or plums, they are more autumnal x

    • You could be right about about the Japanese Rose hips but they’re looking HUGE and my books say they can be picked from July so I thought I’d try them out. They’re not meant to be as good as the native Dog Rose but they are available now. But Cherry Plum season is definitely July but they’re a bit like hen’s teeth apparently. Still, we’re going past a streth they may just have some so I thought I can but hope :o)

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