Sell, sell, sell!

According to the Captain, the holiday began when he packed up his laptop and left the office on Friday evening.  For me, it began today. Yesterday was too much of a muddle with packing and sorting and whatnot happening.  To make things easier, the Captain made things ship-shape and Bristol fashion (what would the narrowboat equivalent be?  Braunston fashion??)

Today has been long in the planning. My preserves were all packed up, loaded into the car and set off in search of the 18 year old’s school fair.  The weather was perfect.  Blue, cloudless skies with warm, at times hot, sunshine bathed the proceedings.  Our pitch was in direct sunshine with no shade until the end of the day.  This did not help my wax seals but I think all but one survived.  However, it was a great spot and I had barely finished unpacking before making my first sale.

At the 18 year old’s request I had baked muffins for sale along side my preserves.  I was not sure of the wisdom of this plan but she assured me that it was essential.  They did sell, but they were not as popular and other stalls were selling cakes too so next year I suspect I will stick to just cakes.  They did look pretty though:

But maybe not as pretty as my jars:

Or my bottles:

As an incentive to buy I was giving samples of my Homemade Orange Squash.  Being such a warm day, this made it very popular.  Hurrah!  I knew all those hours I have put in watching The Apprentice would come in handy!  All in all, it was a very successful day.  Hopefully everyone is happy with the goods they have bought and the sun did not do any damage.  I took £239.50 which made it a very worthwhile few hours.  I was delighted to hand over such a substantial amount to the school.

Packing up what little was left saw us heading, complete with the 18 year old, straight to our marina to be cradled aboard Wand’ring Bark for start of our holiday proper.  We are moored just short of our local, The Fox & Anchor on the Staffs & Worcs canal.  Tomorrow we head through central Birmingham with the promise of some conviviality at the end of the day.  Excellent.  I like a spot of coviving.


3 thoughts on “Sell, sell, sell!

  1. That’s amazing Belle – well done you!

    It’s very satisfying to be able to put the fruits of one’s labours to use for a good cause – otherwise Capn A would have to eat all the jam himself 🙂

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Thank you both! I’d be lying if I said it was all profit though. I didn’t take out my costs, partly as I’d not kept track of them and partly as it felt like my contribution to the day.

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