Foraging Map

I have been compiling a list.  It is the sort of list that is written on the backs of envelopes and scraps of paper that litter my mind.  As filing systems go, this one is riddled with flaws.  However, I have been very keen to remember the whereabouts of my foraging discoveries.  I am also quite keen to share this knowledge.  I find it extremely difficult to leave a tree with boughs overladen and weighed down by fruit.  Everything in me wants to use it all and make lovely things but the Captain tells me there are only so many preserves one man can tolerate.  It seems he has his limits.  Therefore, the next best thing is to tell others in the hope that someone will make use of the fruit before it rots.

Amy from nb Lucky Duck posted about a map that Cambridge do detailing the foraging hotspots in her area which struck me as an excellent idea.  She also suggested we compile one for the canals which is an even better one.  In the meantime however, my rummaging on the internet turned up the following:

It is an interactive map that allows anyone to register and post details of their foraging discoveries for the benefit of others.  Fantastic.  There is even an iPhone app so you can use it while out and about.  I have already begun marking up my finds and am looking forward to adding more.  Obviously, the more it is used, the more use it will be so do please, give it a go.



2 thoughts on “Foraging Map

  1. wow, thanks for posting the link! We’ve actually been making our own foraging map of Berlin, but hadn’t come across this international map which has a really nice layout and some interesting entries 🙂

    also glad to come across your blog – beautiful!

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