Wand’ring Bark Rumtopf

I am very excited.  It does not take much as has been noted before.  I have been watching a Rumtopf Jar on Ebay and it is due to end this evening.

The tension is almost too much to bear.  I have not placed my bid yet.  My ebay technique is to watch like a hawk, should a hawk ever browse ebay that is.  Then I swoop down, more hawk metaphors, and fling my bid in at the last-minute with the maximum I am prepared to spend.  As techniques go it is not a bad one, though I suspect real hawks may do better.  After all, one never sees them complaining about the ebay items that got away.

Anyway, anyway, anyway.  I have been keeping my beady eye fixed on ebay ever since I started Wand’ring Bark‘s Rumtopf during our Droitwich trip.  It was one of the things I decided had to be done with the vast quantities of cherry plums I acquired.  Only as a rumtopf virgin I did not realise that size really does matter.  I am not known as a mathematician.  Sums and numbers, I leave to the Captain.  However, I do think he could have pointed out to me that my 2 litre kilner jar was never going to fit the kilo of fruit, 500g of sugar and 2 litres of rum I was trying to fit in it.  I know, I know, it should have been obvious.  But like I said, I am not good with numbers.  Or sums.  Just ask any of my previous maths teachers.  They probably still shudder.  So instead of pointing the obvious out, the Captain sat back and sniggered at my vain attempts.  His defence?  It was good entertainment.  Hummphff.

Clearly, I was not going to get everything in my jar so compromise was in order.  I layered fruit.  First red cherry plums.  Then blackberries.  Next yellow cherry plums.  So far so good.  Finally I added wild raspberries.  It was looking very pretty.  At this point I poured in the sugar and my jar was already three-quarters full.  This did not bode well for the rum.  I probably managed to squeeze in just under a litre.  This was the compromise.  I decided getting a larger pot at a later date was always an option.

Which brings me back to my exciting evening of ebay watching.  I want this particular jar because it is big.  I have a LOT more rum to add.  I am also hoping to add fruit on every trip we take until the autumn.  So it will be a truly boating rumtopf.   I also want it because it is blue.  And for those who have watched Dougal and the Blue Cat:

you will understand that blue is beautiful, blue is best.  It appeals to the girly in me because it is the right blue to match my kitchen.  But most of all I want it because it will arrive in time for our trip to the Huddersfield Canal later this month.  Then it will live aboard, as I flit about the hedgerows gathering fruit hither and thither and tossing my bounty into its vast innards until the day it is ready to spew forth its contents in a delicious orgy of tipsy berries and alco-frolick nectar.  Yum.  Though I may have to work on my metaphors …


I won!  Got it 🙂


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