Back soon

I have been very absent.  I am sorry.  I have done a lot of home based foraging and cooking and have lots of recipes to share with you.  But I have been a bit overwhelmed with things domestic.  And things related to my face.  It has not been going too well and I am not exactly full of health and vitality.

I return on Tuesday to see my lovely Max Fax guy.  We have decisions to make, he and I.  The summer has established that I do not have sinusitis.  This I knew.  But the ENT bod still shoved a camera up my nose and thought I would enjoy watching the pictures on the telly.  What is it with doctors and cameras?  Can they not understand that if it is covered in skin, hidden behind tissue, cartillidge, muscle, fat or bone it is Not Meant To Be Seen?  At least not by its owner.  I had a similar experience once with my cervix.  I mean, seriously?!

The summer has also established that while six weeks of antibiotics lulled my bugs to sleep, they woke fully refreshed and ready to par-tay once I completed the course.  So I am back to feeling rubbish, hurting and not sleeping; with a red puffy face and slightly squiffy eye.  I have morphed into a weepy moany pathetic drip who I do not recognise and do not much like.

This post is really just to say that I will be back.  I have lovely recipes to share, and lovely foraging trips to talk of.  But for now, I just need to try to get on top of all the things I can do on the off-chance that I have yet more surgery soon.

So, as a fellow metal friend once memorably said: I’ll be back!


8 thoughts on “Back soon

  1. so sorry you are still feeling so unwell. Lots of love and hugs for a speedy recovery – and meanwhile hope your soul find solace in gathering and creating xxx

  2. Thinking of you Helen and hoping that you have more success with docs and meds in the coming month.

  3. Hi Wild Thyme Fairy,
    Thank you for my first ever blog comment!

    I had terrible sinus problems once and the doctor gave me steroids to treat it. I spent 2 days spraying them up my nose and nothing was happening, when I thought hang on a minute, I never used to have a problem so what has changed in my life to bring this about. I had itchy eyes and my nose was always inflamed inside and blocked at the top.

    So I thought back to what I had changed in my life the few months prior. Having stayed at a friends in winter and enjoyed the comfort of a goose feather quilt, I decided to invest with some duck feather pillows to match. Having remembered doing this, I shot out to buy a non feather duvet and pillows. Within two days my sinus problems had gone. No thanks to the steroids. I don’t know the ins and outs of your problem but thought I’d just add this to the mix. Doctors in my opinion rarely look at the cause but readily apply their solution to the problem – in most cases pharmaceuticals which often just mask the symptoms of issues, which in a lot of cases are easily resolved by ones own analysis of their life. Hope this helps!

    • You’re welcome, Linstead 🙂 And thanks for your thoughts. My problems all stem from my accident last year (click on the Accident tag in the side bar for details) and are all to do with mashed up bones, metal plates and chronic infection.

  4. I feel foolish for jumping in with my comment now. I hadn’t seen your other posts until you gave me the advice on the tagging front – thanks for that tip btw :-). I’m new to blogging so pointers on moving about in the blogosphere are always welcome! I’m sorry to see the results of your accident. On the other hand I’m glad to hear of your resilience and determination to get back to get on top of it!

    I forgot to mention another natural remedy for nasal issues that I rate highly – salt water sprays. There is a really good one in most chemists called Sterimar. Boots have it. I think they bottle the sea water in Australia and you can keep washing the spray nozzle to keep it clean. Salt water to fight infections has been a great help for me in the nose, the mouth and the skin.

    I’m going to be following your progress now – and your blog! You have some great recipes that I’m going to experiment with for sure with the Rosehip and Apple Jam now high on my to do list! 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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