Elderberry Liqueur

I have been desperate to make this concoction ever since the elderflowers faded in back in early summer.  It was not one I could make on board Wand’ring Bark in the summer when I was playing with elderberries here, here and here because I didn’t have either the ingredients or the bottles.  I cannot remember now.  I may simply have been that I did not find them enough quantity as it was early in the season.  Or I may have not had the recipe with me.  Or I may have simply forgotten.  Who knows?

Anyway, anyway, anyway.  With the season galloping apace and my operation fast approaching, I was becoming a tad obsessed.  So, over the August bank holiday, while my mother was staying, we took a walk across some fields in my locality.  We were actually looking for a mulberry tree.  Not that we found it.  But we did find masses of fat, bursting elderberries.  It would have been rude to leave them.

Yesterday was my appointed bottling day and while the flavour needs to mature for three months before it is ready, the wee dram I tested (purely for scientific purposes, you understand …) was most promising.  Sort of like alcoholic ribena.  I can work with that 🙂

As for the bottling, I found some delightful stacking bottles at Stratford’s Food Festival yesterday for a fraction of the price I had seen them online.

I would not normally buy containers, unless unavoidable, but these will look so pretty with different coloured hedgerow liquors in them and will make lovely additions to the Christmas Hampers I am making.  Hmmm, I can feel a series of posts on edible gifts coming, seeing as that is the thing I most commonly google these days …

Elderberry Liqueur

1250g elderberries

750ml brandy

425g sugar

1 1/4tsp ground allspice

1 cinnamon stick

2 whole cloves

1/4tsp ground mace

Wash the elderberries and discard any leaves.  Using a fork, strip them off the stalks into a bowl.  Lightly mash the fruit with the end of a rolling-pin, pint glass or potato masher.  Stir in the other ingredients.  Pour into large sterilised jar and tightly seal.  Leave in a cool, dark place for one month.

Strain through scalded muslin.  Pour into sterilised bottles and seal.  Store for three more months before drinking.


2 thoughts on “Elderberry Liqueur

  1. A recipe I found that would provide foraging for you and a use possibly for The Captains home brew kit.

    Heather Ale:

    Ingredients; 1 gallon ( 1 kg ) can of heather tips; 1 lb ( 450 gm ) golden syrup; 2 gallons ( 10 litres ) water; 1 oz ( 25 gm ) ginger; 1/2 oz ( 15 gm ) hops; 1 oz (25 gm ) yeast

    Gather the heather tips when in full bloom. Put them into a large pan and cover with the water. Boil for one hour. Strain into a clean bowl or jar. In one quart of the liquid boil the hops, golden syrup and ginger for twenty minutes. Strain into the heather water. Leave until lukewarm and add yeast. Cover with a coarse cloth and stand for twenty-four hours. Skim the liquid carefully and pour the clear ale into a tub, leaving the yeasty sediment at the bottom. Bottle and cork tightly. Leave for two or three days before drinking.

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