More Marmalade

So, the results are in.  Having spent the weekend making marmalade I can reveal not one, not two, but three, yes three recipes that I am very pleased!  There is Seville Orange with a Hint of Vanilla, Orange and Vanilla, and finally in readiness for the end of the year, Clementine Marmalade with Christmas Spices.

I have fiddled a bit with the recipe I posted here so for the sake of clarity I shall re-post with my amendments.

First up is Seville Orange with a Hint of Vanilla.  This marmalade keeps the bitterness Seville oranges with just a back taste of vanilla almost as an afterthought.  A nice twist on the traditional bitter marmalade normally associated with Sevilles.

Seville Orange Marmalade with a Hint of Vanilla

500g Seville oranges

1/2 vanilla pod

juice of 1 lemon

1kg demerara sugar

Scrub oranges, cut in half, squeeze out juice and set to one side.  Cut oranges into fine slices and place in a bowl with the orange juice.  Split the vanilla pod, scrape out the seeds and add both pod and seeds to the orange slices.  Cover with 1 1/4 litres of hot water from the kettle and leave to soak overnight.

Transfer to preserving pan, boil then simmer covered until the peel is tender (approx 1-2 hours).  Contents of pan will have reduced by about one-third.  Remove vanilla pod and stir in lemon juice and sugar, stirring until sugar dissolved.  Boil rapidly until setting point achieved.  Remove from heat and allow to cool for about 8mins to allow the peel to distribute evenly in jar.  Pot and seal in sterilised jars.  Keeps for up to 2 years.

The next recipe is a very slight variation on the above but the difference in taste is remarkable.  Orange and Vanilla Marmalade has no bitterness about it at all, despite being made with Seville oranges and having exactly the same quantity of sugar.  The extra vanilla gives it a depth of flavour that perfectly matches the oranges and provides a beautifully balanced marmalade.

Orange and Vanilla Marmalade

500g Seville oranges

1 vanilla pod

juice of 1 lemon

1 kg demerara sugar

Use the method described above.

Finally, my Clementine Marmalade with Christmas Spices is really only a slight variation on my friend Joy’s recipe who was in turn inspired by her Granny Duncan.  I sincerely hope I do still have some left for next Christmas but as it really does taste delicious, I can see myself having to make another batch by then.

Clementine Marmalade with Christmas Spices

1kg clementines

600g Seville oranges

3 lemons

4 sweet oranges

3.6l water

3.6kg granulated sugar

8 cinnamon quills (use less if using cinnamon sticks)

6 cloves

Same method as above but tie spices into small muslin bag and add to soaking water.  Remove before adding sugar.  Will take 2 hours plus of covered slow simmering to reduce by one third.


One thought on “More Marmalade

  1. Tomorrow I will buy the sweet oranges and make this. The orange and vanilla marmalade is currently simmering on my hob. The kitchen smells divine. Thank you for these.

    I’m looking forward to your other preserves. I shall be making them in your wake.

    Mars xx

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