More alco-frolicking & Rhubarb Schnapps

This week has been a bit busy, what with maternal duties, hospital appointments and migraines taking up my time.  I had intended to post the recipe for my Cherry Plum Chutney which I will do soon, I hope.  In the meantime, I did manage to do some alco-frolicking and bottled three lots of spirits I have been steeping.

The Currant Shrub recipe which I shared here, was ready for having sugar added and then bottling.  I made two batches, one with dark rum and one with white to see whether either was preferable.  The bottles need to lie down in a dark room until Christmas (sounds like me!), but obviously I had to try some of the drips.  Both are VERY promising.

The Raspberrycello was also ready for bottling which was doubly exciting because unlike its late developing neighbour, it is ready for drinking now AND the vodka sozzled raspberries were begging to be eaten.  I made a rather grown up jelly with the drunken fruit and the Captain and I enjoyed it one evening in front of the telly.  Yum.

Finally, my Rhubarb Schnapps was also ready for bottling.  I set this to steep back in about March when the first rhubarb had just begun to be available.  It turned out to be the only and last harvest from my Mum’s garden which is very sad.  Long has she provided me with rhubarb but it seems her plants have finally given up the ghost.  However, I would like to think this tipple is a fitting tribute.  The recipe is a Nigella Lawson and is divine.  You may still be able to track down some rhubarb or just file it away until i is next in season.

Rhubarb Schnapps

Makes 1 litre

approximately 1kg rhubarb, to make 600g trimmed weight

300g caster sugar

1 litre vodka (cheaper the better)

Chop the rhubarb and place into a 2 litre jar.  Add the sugar, put the lid on and shake well.  Pour in the vodka to fill, adding more if necessary.  Close lid and store somewhere cool and dark for at least 6 weeks and up to 6 months.  Shake the jar every day or every other day for the first month or so.  Sometime between 6 weeks and 6 months, then, strain through scalded muslin and pour into sterilised bottles.